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Coffee Season is here.

Coffee season is here and every year new crops of coffee come to market and with it lots of new opportunities to try new coffees. This year we are looking to expand our coffee selection. Adding a new coffee can be more challenging than ever with so many new coffee processing methods, changes to the environment and lastly the increases in coffee prices. The end goal is to provide consistently great coffee. The first challenge is finding a coffee we like and as many of you know, coffee regions have a lot to do with the base flavor of the coffee. I feel you can taste the soil and the air the coffee grew in. We are starting our search by region and when we find our next coffee; it will be the regional base flavor that solidifies our choice. Our next challenge is to keep it as affordable as possible so we can bring great coffee to more people. Lastly, the best part roasting and tasting many samples. This leads me to what I like very much about coffee. Choices. We are doing the work in finding you your next great coffee and providing more choices for everyone who loves coffee as much as we do.

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