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Organic Coffees.

We source coffee from around the world and we have a new lot of organic Ethiopian arriving next week. Last month we introduced organic Sumatra.

We like to buy from single estates and co-ops that practice sustainable farming. Though, not all small farms can afford to get organic certified and as such we buy both. We want to support organic and sustainable farming as well as smaller independent growers.

The lot of Ethiopian coffee was grown by Bedhatu Jibicho, here is an excerpt about her and the farm she owns"

"Bedhatu’s original 84-acre farm, which she has personally managed for over 50 years now without the use of chemical inputs.  84-acres is drastically larger than most farms in the area, and Bedhatu employs 20 year-round workers and another 130 seasonal workers for the harvest who are primarily women. The farm itself produces about 5 containers of exportable coffee each year"


We are excited and can't wait for you to try this Exceptional and rare coffee. I read her full story and we knew instantly we wanted to show our support and share our philosophy on coffee sourcing...

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